About NLA-International

NLA-I is an association of leatherfolk with a common philosophy embodied in our statement of purpose. You will find that we are a diverse group of people from all spectrums of society. Our diversity is our strength. We are a pansexual organization with International Chapters.

The leather community has been under constant assault and we are motivated to fight for our right to live a safe, sane, and consensual lifestyle. We are proud to role-model the power and pride of all adults who live in the leather lifestyle. NLA-I supports individuals and organized political activism; and we strive to provide visibility and education in order to eradicate misconceptions about our lifestyle.

NLA-International is dedicated to the support and education of its members and their communities. NLA-International members and its local Chapter members support organizations striving to educate people on safe sex and supporting members of the community with AIDS. NLA-International also staunchly supports Domestic Violence Awareness projects. NLA-I continues to support the Leather Archives & Museum, an entity that strives to maintain records of the rich history and traditions of the leather lifestyle.

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